Built with everyone in mind. Offering a convenient risk Hedging alternative for the inexperienced and passive investor 



Easily buy, sell, or trade your digital assets without hassles anywhere and anytime.



Multifactor Authentication Shield, the combination of E-mail verification with Google Authenticator will ensure that every single transaction is signed and validated by users.



Fair-exchange protocols, an exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.


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Why BC Exchange

Beyond trading, Bitcrore, as a blockchain solution, is built to bring crypto transactions into mainstream usage, like in regular transactions, as well as a stable store of value for investing amateurs.

More precisely, the BC Exchange, is that layer of the solution that allows for a seamless secure, fast and free exchange of cryptocurrencies in pair with the BC coin and in pairs with other digital currencies.


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Our Journey so far

A 2017 brainchild of the Bitcrore foundation community, BC exchange is one of a very few meticulously planned, solutions all targeted at bringing the decentralized and cryptographically secure power of the blockchain to the world.

In other words, BC exchange is an important piece to Bitcrore blockchain puzzle for a crypto-market that serves micro transactions like retail as well a risk hedging solution for investors.

At the moment, BC Exchange is just one of several solution to bring cryptocurrencies to regular transactions and safety for less informed investors.

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Future Plans

2nd Phase of our Hybrid Plan: OTC (secure P2P) Platform

Soon you can now trade with order traders more personally, p2p, without having your trade volume affect your exchange price

OTC allows you to trade P2P with an automated escrow feature that locks the traded assets until payments are confirmed. What is more, we do all reasonable KYC due diligence for you.

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Frequently asked questions

This is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange managed and operated by the Bitcrore blockchain solution team.

we have a fundamental goal of making cryptocurrencies less volatile; hence making it more practical for regular usage. With this goal, our first mission is to to create a crypto-market that is efficient enough to service the digital retail market transaction volume, which at the moment is about 8 times the market cap of the entire crypto market.

BC Exchange is the market that we intend to facilitate the exchange of cryptos into more practical and stable forms.

To make cryptocurrency transactions less volatile, more liquid hence making it naturally more stable for everyday retail transactions. With a transaction graph that is on a, somewhat, steady rise and a market cap following suite, it is clear that shortly after every rise the average value of the crypto market is sure to reflect this rise and popularity.

However, most viable cryptocurrencies are ideal for speculations than they are for practical usage. This important turn around from a speculators market to everyone’s market is what we do hope to achieve. This is why we are for the first time providing a relatively stable risk hedging solution to the market.

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