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Bitcrore is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network, with the Bitcrore crawling peg coin (BC), acting as the underlying coin driving the network.

Bitcrore was launched in 2017 and is registered as the Bitcrore Foundation. Originally designed as an ERC20 protocol; due to the need for a flexible and independent blockchain, however, there has been an improved upgrade to an independent blockchain, a Dash fork.

The BC coin is created as a reward to miners and masternodes, for every new block... Block validation, however, through mining, will last for exactly one year before PoS kicks in. After the first year, there will be a soft-fork upgrade to PoS validation; hence, block creation reward will be to staking wallets and active Masternodes across the network.

All decision making process on the platform is the exclusive reserve of the community, through consensus, based on stake size.

Bitcrore is a P2P platform built exploit and improves the retail market, as well as the debit card market, for retail transactions; and the cryptocurrency market; all of which are worth over $6 trillion. A 10% penetration into these markets will increase the value of the crypto market by over 600% of its present value.

To achieve these goals, the Bitcrore is the first real practical crawling peg cryptocurrency, with its price control mechanism. This is meant to offer a stable base for retail size transactions and also to act as a hedging tool for traders to protect their crypto portfolios against volatility.

Finally, starting at an ICO price of $0.10/BC, and ending at $0.34/BC, the 2022 price goal for BC is between 2-4 USD/BC.

As money, it will serve as service fee and reward for tasks across the platform, which includes transaction fees on its wallet, exchange, and retail payment systems and as a Masternode and block creation reward.

Also, the BC coin has a control system designed to drive its market value in measurable levels of increment, making it a stable currency that grows.

However, unlike other stable assets, it has a supply control mechanism that allows for predictable value increase.

It solves two significant challenges holding back the blockchain industry from scaling, into markets like the retail market, these are:

due to its relatively low market cap, free-floating nature, and age, cryptocurrency prices are usually more volatile than other asset classes. However, with volumes from its target market and control from its price control algorithm, Bitcrore will provide a stable transactional base to trade cryptocurrencies and will serve as a conduit to allow massive volumes to flow into the crypto-market.

cryptocurrencies are relatively less liquid than other asset classes, mostly because of their volatility. Bitcrore, through its stability goals and exchange functionality, will facilitate the needed fluidity to make the market more liquid.

Masternode service allows transactions to be instant, without compromising on the security of the blockchain.

With the Masternode network service, transactions are anonymous

An investment in any of the following options would earn you some BC, in varying quantities, although ROI is dependent on your investment size.

Minning, Masternode and Staking; however, staking will be kicking off, exactly, one year into mining.

More importantly, Masternodes earn the highest share of all block creation reward with it taking over 60% of the block reward, due to the importance of their services on the network and collateral cost. Click here to join and follow the simple steps.

Our Masternode investment package offers the opportunity to earn part of the 60% block reward, allocated to Masternodes, click here and follow the steps to join.

Click here and follow the simple steps to join.


You can set it up with a paid VPS and a collateral cost starting from 500BC up to 10,000 BC.



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