BITCRORE MASTERNODE SYSTEM: Earn Passively By Owning Some BC in Your Wallet!

The Bitcrore Masternode collateral price starts at 500 BC and is targeted to peak at 10,000 BC in roughly 20 months. So at its current exchange rate of $0.34/BC, the earliest Bitcrore masternode adopters will require a redeemable collateral of $170, to setup a Bitcrore Masternode.

This gives you a daily earning potential of $56 for 100 nodes, and $5.6 for a thousand nodes, which is a monthly gross sum of $1,565.2 and $156.52 respectively.




Bitcrore, is a fork of DASH, decentralized and cryptographically secured, blockchain community built with the masternode and POS consensus model. It presents a global market that is driven by its hybrid stable and growing coin, the Bitcrore. The coins’s supply protocol gives it immunity to the volatile and illiquid crypto market, and yet makes it open to predictable growth, over time. So, whichever turn the market takes its value remains reasonably controlled. This makes it an ideal risk hedging solution for crypto investments.

Unlike other stable cryptocurrencies, the Bitcrore coin has its circulation and value regulated by a permissionless protocol. Supply and demand play far more major role on any assets price. Hence, the Bitcrore price control protocol regulates its price by controlling its circulating supply.

Besides having a limited supply of 100 million Bitcrore coins’s, the coins’s supply is designed to reduce constructively and distributed well-nigh too the entire ecosystem correspondingly to help its value increase definitely over a set period. More precisely, by 2021 the value of a Bitcrore token will have risen by an average of 800%.

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The crypto market, despite its growth, is less than 2% of the whole stock market. Some of the side effects of this setback is a highly volatile assets, which in turn results to a very stiff market, with so much isolated and illiquid assets.

To address this volatility and liquidity challenges, the Bitcrore platform is built to exploit the debit card market, the e-commerce industry, the cryptocurrency market, and several other markets put together. All of these markets are worth around $6 trillion.

What is more, a 10% penetration of these markets will raise the entire crypto market’s value by 600%. In other words, the market will be 6X more liquid. Such level of acceptance will definelty have more positive impact on its volatility. Also, Bitcrore offers a hub for crypto assets to be exchanged more loosely and quickly.

More precisely, here is what to expect from the Bitcrore market:

Investment opportunities

The Bitcrore community presents a dynamic collection of investment programs and opportunities; starting from its ICO token sales to other investment opportunities.

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The Bitcrore Trading Platform

This platform presents an exotic collection of cryptocurrency options to trade over another. Out here, you can trade all major and even minor cryptocurrencies. What is more, fees are charged in their Bitcrore equivalent.

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These are full nodes, which provide specific services to the network, in exchange for a fraction of block reward.

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A cryptocurrency powered p2p e-retail marketplace

A P2P ecommerce market where you can make online purchases, sales and also advertise your services.

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A Point Of Sales system

A decentralized POS system which will be used by merchants to allow for microtransactions in and across the Bitcrore market.

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The Bitcrore Crypto Debit Card

This is a Debit card that allows for the quick withdrawal of crypto funds in whatever fiat equivalent the user desires, from any part of the world.

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Educational, training, and developmental programs

Investors and every Bitcrore supporter will have the opportunity to participate in Blockchain training programs, especially as it concerns the Bitcrore market.

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Partnership and affiliation programs

Bitcrore presents a platform for cryptocurrency investors, traders, and analysts to connect; both beginners and experts alike.

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The Bitcrore P2P Exchange

This is a decentralized P2P exchange where fiat and cryptocurrencies are transferred with less transaction fees.

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Let Your wallet work for you

Just lock in some funds in your own Bitcrore wallet and earn daily, as you go. All it cost is just to manage your own wallet. No commitments whatsoever, walk away anytime you like



Take advantage of a current low

difficulty level and mine with your PC or join our recommended pool and mine some bitcrore



Earn 2X your investment in 1 year

Learn how your government and bank makes money off your savings. Be your own bank and earn your own money from your own savings.

Take advantage of Bitcrore’s crawling peg price control machine and have your coin grow by 100% every year.



According to the CPI data of, from 1913 to date, the dollar has lost approximately 25 times its purchasing power. Also, a study of over 775 fiat money, starting from 11th century Chinese Jiaozi, the 17th-century French Assignats, to very recently the almost worthless Argentian Peso and Zimbabwean Dollar, about 600 of these fiat currencies all went down to zero. This rapid decline in value isn't just because paper money isn’t worth a thing, in itself, rather because governments have an uncontrollable desire to dilute the value of these currencies over time, by slowly or worse rapidly hyperinflating, the supply of these notes. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, have risen in value by over 12,500 times its value in less than 10 years, because their supply is perpetually finite and the system that bears and facilitates its creation and distribution is an absolutely decentralized and self-governing machine.

  • Crypto currencies, unlike fiat, can’t be counterfeited, because the money is created and spent on the network.
  • Bitcrore like many cryptocurrencies finds its value from its use case solutions, which are— its exchange, wallet, marketplace
  • Unlike fiat, most successful crypto currencies, like the Ethereum, as well as, the Bitcrore are absolutely transparent and controlled by the users of the network, making manipulation of the system impossible.
  • Bitcrore is the first cryptocurrency that auto controls its circulating supply while it has a total finite supply of 100 million. This makes it able to inflate and deflate its supply from its finite reserve, without printing new currencies. In other words, Bitcrore is the first crawling peg cryptocurrency, which keeps its price growth trajectory predictable, making it the perfect risk hedging crypto asset for investors, in the crypto market.
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Currency convertor

Start Trading your choice Cryptocurrency Pairs Now
  • Trade Ups and Downs, with numerous cryptocurrency pairs like Bitcoin, DASH, BC and several others.
  • Enjoy trades with our highly user-friendly interface.
  • Enjoy very liquid trades across several top exchanges in the market
  • Enjoy a variety of order types from stop-loss orders, Limit Orders, One cancels the other (OCO) orders and several others
  • Enjoy trades with minimal lags and freezes.
  • Feel safe with our 2FA wallet security, and our hot and cold storage wallet system.
  • Also, go long and short with good leverages.
  • Enjoy trades with our list of assets with an actual product and use case to back the market.
  • Finally, enjoy an attractive first-time trade bonus and referral bonuses.
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This roadmap is mapped out action plan for the Bitcrore project from the inception to the point of full autonomy.
This roadmap is divided into three annual stages, with four quarters for each of these stages

Bitcrore Roadmap


This APP will allow users to have a wholesome “Bitcrore experience” from their smartphones, and web more specifically, It will enable users to:

  • Manage their wallets
  • Carry out transactions in the Bitcrore marketplace
  • Hookup with friends in the Bitcrore community
  • Claim Bonuses
  • Exchange assets manually or place orders on the exchange
  • Other services will be listed upon APP launch.
The Bitcrore Mobile APP



Windows and MAC OS Features

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